Welcome to Melbourne Pain Group

Melbourne Pain Group is a full time Pain Management practice that specialises in the treatment and management of chronic pain. Our goals are to improve quality of life and productivity by improving function and to decrease or eliminate pain if possible.

Chronic pain is a major health issue in Australia

The specialty of pain medicine is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of painful disorders. Careful assessment by a qualified physician is an essential component of effective and practical pain management. At The Melbourne Pain Group, we are committed to providing real solutions for pain to greatly improve quality of life. We understand that each patient has a unique problem. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by a physician in a compassionate and professional environment.  After a thorough discussion with the patient, a plan of treatment is formulated. Our plan uses a multidisciplinary approach. Therapy may include rehabilitation, pain management programs, minimally invasive interventional techniques, medical management and neuromodulation.